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Strawberry Basil Coconut Water Refresher

This is so delicious on a hot sunny day! Hydrating and full of vitamins and minerals! Muddled strawberries and basil come together to make a delicious refreshing summertime sipper! You know those strawberries that aren’t perfect, they may be a little squishy? Well, those are perfect for this! I was cutting up some strawberries and had a handful in my batch, and thought, those would be so good muddled in a drink! And folks, here we are.


5-6 strawberries (preferably the not so perfect ones, so they are easier to muddle)

About 10-12 oz of coconut water of your choice

4-5 fresh basil leaves ripped to pieces



In a small mixing bowl, add strawberries and ripped basil. Using a muddler or end of a wooden spoon, muddle strawberries and basil until they are a ”smashed.” In a cup of your choice, add as much ice as you like, and pour in the coconut water. Then, pour in the strawberries and basil mixture and be refreshed! 🍓 🌿 🥥

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