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Nutritious Vietnamese Pho

I first tasted pho when I was stationed in Colorado and fell in LOVE! Flavored with fresh herbs and filled with protein and nutritious broth and vegetables. Perfect for any time of year!


2 QT’s of Pho broth (I used Oceans Halo brand)

1 QT of chicken bone broth

1lb of chicken breasts

1 package of dried Rice noodles

Matchstick carrots

Alfalfa sprouts

Mung Bean sprouts


Hoisin sauce

Fresh Basil

Fresh Cilantro

Half of a lime

Sea salt


In a large stockpot, place broth and chicken breasts in pot and bring to a boil for about 15mins or until chicken is done. Once done, remove chicken and shred chicken using two forks. Return chicken to broth and boil for about 10 mins so the shredded chicken can absorb all of the flavors of the broth. Then, season broth with about 1TBSP of sea salt and add a handful of matchsticks carrots. Add entire pack of rice noodles and boil for 3mins. Remove from heat and let stand for a few minutes. In a large bowl for eating, scoop out pho with ladle and top with lime slices, sprouts, fresh basil to taste, fresh cilantro to taste, and add sriracha and hoisin to your liking. Start with a tsp of each of the sauces and add more until it’s the flavor/spice level that suits you! You can also add broccoli and snap peas or any other vegetables you like! Enjoy! See below pics for ingredients I used!

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